Universal fender flares

Made of ABS plastic. Our fender flares are flexible, durable, they do not fade from sunlight. They suit every passenger car.

Volkswagen Golf 6 R, GTI

Made of ABS plastic. Boltless mounting

Volkswagen Golf 7 R, GTI

Made of ABS plastic. Boltless mounting

Hyundai Tiburon

Made of ABS plastic. Boltless mounting
Chris lee
I would recommend using jumdoo flares, they are universal, made of durable flexible ABS plastic and are easy to mount. They can be conformed to your cars body lines easily by applying heat to the flares from a heat gun, easy to modify for custom look and a decent price also easily repairable if they happen to break
I would recommend their flares 10/10
Fredrik Pysander
The best flares i ever had! Super flexible so easy to install on any car, not like the fiberglass flares that dont have flexability. I have painted my flares and the results are fantastic, even then i bend the flares the paint stays on without bursting.
Ricky Singh
After searching around for a while and trying a few different fender flares, the Jumdoo 2" fender flares proved to be the best one out there for my application. The material allowed me to easily fit the flares along the fender curve for an impressive fit and trims fairly easy. It was easily paintable and is holding up very well
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